UDI U818A HD+ Drone with Camera

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  • HEADLESS MODE: The headless mode eliminates the distinguish of drones direction, the direction will be the same as your transmitter, great for beginners
  • HD CAMERA: Take high-res pictures & video during flight! Includes 2MP camera with upgraded 4GB Micro SD
  • 6 AXIS GYRO STABILITY: Provides stability, strong wind resistance & easy maneuverability for stunts
  • 360º FLIPS & TRICKS: Impress your friends and family with awesome 3D tricks with the push of a button
  • DOUBLE YOUR FLIGHT TIME: Includes 2 LiPo batteries to extend the fun! FAA Registration NOT Required


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Product Description

  • UDI 818A HD+ Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera and Headless Mode

    The UDI 818A Discovery Drone now has the newly upgraded HD+ 720P Camera, giving you high quality aerial videos and photos!   Plus with this UDI 818A Quadcopter Drone you will receive an a BONUS Powerbank & Battery giving you extended flight time.

    The easy to maneuver, UDI 818A HD+ Drone is ready to fly straight out of the box! It’s lightweight, 5 oz frame excludes it from FAA registration requirements.

    • Powerful Motors – Strong powerful motors enable the helicopter to fly much longer and more efficiently
    • Durable Frame – Performance-enhancing highly elastic plastic protective frame that protects the propellers in flight and acts as an anti-collision safety mechanism
    • Controller – 4 Channel, 2.4GHz transmitter has LCD screen and displays full flight status.  2 Joysticks move the copter in any direction.
    • LED running lights and remote control signal light
    • Controls for trim, flight mode, power. In-flight trim controls for pitch, roll and yaw.
    • 2 long-life batteries can be swapped or charged in-place with included USB Power Bank and USB charger. Charging Time: 90-120 mins; Flight Duration: 7-9 mins.

    Get genuine UDI Spare Batteries to extend your flight time search for B0117Y2ET2

    Upgraded 720P HD Camera

    • Forward-Facing Stationary HD Camera – takes HD video and HD photos with great color and white balance.
    • Movie resolution has been upgraded to 1280 × 720 at 30 frames per second.
    • Removable 4GB Micro SD card stores enough for several flights.
    • Data port and USB Data Cable – upload your new AVI and JPEG files to Facebook, Email, Photoshop easily.

    Headless Mode – Fly the Drone Without the Worry of Orientation

    Headless Mode eliminates need to adjust aircraft position before flight & improves learning curve.When you choose a headless mode, regardless the direction the front of the drone is facing when you push the throttle to the right, your drone will go right, when you push the throttle to the left, your drone will go left.

    If you are looking for a worry free, easy to operate, and simple to control drone, the UDI 818 HD+ with Headless Mode is the way to go.

    Perfect for Beginner to Intermediate flyers looking to have some fun, and if you are planning to be a drone master you can always turn the headless mode off for more precise flying.

    360° Flips, 6 Axis Gyro & Low Battery Warning

    Perform extreme stunts, flips, and tricks with simple joystick combos including Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward, 360° flips, and 360° rolls.

    The 6 Axis Gyro provides stability, wind resistance, and easy maneuverability.

    Low Battery Alarm – When the quadcopter battery is low, the transmitter will make an audible sound warning you of the low battery.

    When you hear the warning you will need to bring the quadcopter back ASAP for charging!


    • U818A HD+ RC Quadcopter
    • 2.4G Transmitter
    • 2 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Battery
    • 2200mAh BONUS Power Bank
    • 4GB Micro SD Card
    • USB Card Reader
    • 2-Ch Battery Charger
    • 4 Extra Blades
    • User Manual


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